Dec 1, 2014


I love Sundays yo. This is my lazy, me-time. My Caramel Princess Time. It's 12:30pm and I'm still in bed, in my PJs. I will do everything in this bed. From writing this blog post, to drinking my morning coffee (or rather my afternoon coffee) even pay my bills, do the budgeting and all that other not-so-fun stuff too. I'll prolly even do some sketching, maybe get up to snack now and then, watch reruns of Felicity, skype with family and friends back home. Oh, and yoga, I'm sure hanging your body upside down over the edge of the bed qualifies as yoga. The possibilities are endless.

Here's an illo I did for the game I'm working on. Virgo the Virgin:

Copyright Imaginary Games 2014. Posted with permission.

And finally, let's end with this: